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  1. What is the shelf life of a Mia Mallows Marshmallow?
    Mia Mallows Marshmallows are best up to three (3) weeks after they have been made.
  2. Are Mia Mallows Marshmallows vegan?
    At this time, use Knox gelatin which is not vegan approved.
  3. How are your marshmallows different from store bought?
    Our marshmallows are made in small batches using the best flavoring ingredients. The first thing customers notice is the weight. Our mallows weigh more than store packaged because our process creates what we consider old-fashioned mallows.
  4. Are Mia Mallows Marshmallows bigger than store bought?
    Absolutely! They are the perfect single serving size, as well as perfect for toasting by a campfire.
  • Roasted Mia Mallows Marshmallows

    Mia Mallows Marshmallows are great for roasting. However, when you first open the marshmallow package you will find that they are too soft to skewer. We recommend letting the marshmallows sit out for an hour or two before you skewer them, so that they can form a thin crust. This thin crust will roast beautifully and keep the marshmallow inside gooey and delicious.

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